Cancer Pictures

Smokeless tobacco, dip, snuff and chew are dangerous. Not only do they cause bad breath & sore throats they are incredibly disgusting. If you can get past that, there’s always the threat of cancer and other oral diseases. Here are some photos of those diseases. Hopefully, this isn’t you! Click on each photo for a larger view.

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  1. This needs shown in all WV public schools!

  2. i am also quit today.thanks for your strength to quit.

  3. Thease pictures definitely very helpful to those who are all interested to quit.

  4. What’s the first step to quitting thinking about it but just don’t have the will power to do it I think

    • Honestly… you’ve taken the first step. You’ve been poking around the Internet and you’ve landed on our little corner of the web. Luckily for you, our little corner of the web is all about quitting dip! You’ve commented on a page that’s full of pictures of cancer due to smokeless tobacco. That tells me that there’s a little bit of fear, and a little bit of reality in your thought process… that’s a good combination.

      The next step… and quite frankly… the most important step, is for you to make your decision: When you’ve done that, it’s GO TIME. Join our forum at where you’ve got 17,000+ other people who “get it” cause we’ve all been right where are. We won’t tell you it’s easy… it’s not. We won’t tell you you’ll enjoy it… you won’t. But we’ll tell you the truth. We’ll tell you what to expect, we’ll support you, we’ll be there for you. And we’ll share with you one universal truth that you probably already know… all that pain and suffering you’ll go through to get quit… is 100% worth it. FREEDOM from nicotine is an AMAZING thing. I promise. I wouldn’t still be quit today if it weren’t. Looking forward to hearing from you friend… when you’re ready we’ll be here.

  5. Because of Chewie’s reply, I WILL quit.
    Thank you Bro

  6. 12/03/2013…. The date I read this page and also the date I quit using dip!!

  7. These pictures should be on the back of each chew can, I would of never picked the shit up. I am only in day 2 of quiting but these pictures are enough to make you sick

  8. I have a small very black spot on the inside of my lower lip. Is this sign of cancer

    • Trish – my first inclination would be to say “no” this isn’t cancer. It could very easily be a broken blood vessel caused by biting your lip or some other reason that has caused the discoloration. That being said, I am NOT a doctor or a dentist and if it’s something you’re worried about I’d suggesting seeing your dentist to have him take a look at it.

  9. I have a single tiny white barely visible “pus filled looking” movable bump lower lip near gums for the past year and its still the same size. Should I be worried? If i touch it, it rolls away from my finger like a soft cyst. It doesnt hurt but recenty i been messing with it so i know im irritating it.I use to chew for only about a year or little longer on and off. and I’ve quit it pretty 20 years old and basically haven’t done it in about 2 years but I’m wondering if this could be something serious or more so a tiny cyst, abcess or something of that nature..any helpful knowledge of how a quick cancer would grow or if it was a tumor wouldn’t it grow bigger and be unmovable? And if it was cancer wouldn’t I be experiencing serious health conditions by now? I’ve been gaining weight recently and feel totally fine just need another perspective..thanks!

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  11. I have something in my tongue also the doctor said it looks like cancer then another said it doesnt what we need is to be checked out thoroughly and told the truth i dont chew tabacco but i do smoke cigars what you need is a biopsy or see a dentist about your mouth thats what i was told

  12. my inside lip now black colour its any problem change the colour black shade help me pls whats the reason its cancer plsss

    • Tintu – not quite sure what you’re asking, but it sounds like you’ve got some dark coloration in your mouth. I’d suggest you get it checked by a dentist or an oral surgeon.

  13. I kiss somebody then after couple of days I developed a small sols in my mouth and toung.what’s can this be?can cancer be spread in such a way like kissing?

  14. So all of these people you are saying their cancer was specifically caused from smokeless tobacco? There is no solid medical proof of that. There was even court cases that were thrown out because there is no medical proof of it either. Of all the oral cancer cases every year reported only a small percentage of them even used smokeless tobacco.

  15. Hi Chewie, great resources you have here. It’s a very helpful website and has confirmed my desire to quit chewing.

    I’m 22 and have chewed for about 4-5 years, but it really picked up 2 years ago. Two of my problems associated with chewing so far are 1. My bottom front teeth are becoming a little crooked, is this possible with dip? and 2. Sometimes it’s a little harder to open my jaw all the way and, more importantly, 3. I feel like i’m developing an underbite because of it??

    • Thanks for the kind words and congrats on a great decision to quit! As for your questions… I’m not a dentist, so I’d suggest speaking with yours. Keeping anything between your cheek and gum (and up against your teeth) could potentially cause teeth to shift so I spose it’s possible that the crooked teeth could be associated. I’m not sure about the underbite / jaw issues as it pertains to smokeless use.

  16. Starting appears white colours above my tongue,then now little black spots appears inside between the teeth.,when I was ate spicy foods very hardly irritated. I think may be symptoms of cancer,please could anybody’s give a solution for preventing…? Whatever the food eating to preventing….?

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