2014 HOF Speeches

100 Top Ten From djhuft

100 Top Ten From djhuftYikes I am so late with this HOF Speech. I’d like to thank my November Quit Brothers, this site and the vets that helped along the way. To the new quitters I will tell you that quitting for a hundred days should feel like a major milestone. To everyone else, we all know 100 days is just a number. I guess that’s why it has taken me so long to write this speech. 100 days to me is the same as every other number. So now that I have properly disrespected this whole thought that 100 days is important, I’d like to spend the rest of my time talking to the new quitters. Below are the things I have learned over my first 100 days of being quit on this site. Below is not a top ten, its just ten things that will make your quit stronger. Some of my ideas are debatable, but its what works for me.

  1. This is a no nicotine site. This means no dip, no chew, no cigs, no cigars, no nic gum, no e-cigs, no vapor-shit.
  2. Don’t quit for anything or anyone except yourself. Your kids, your wife and your momma are not going to prevent you from caving. You must quit for yourself.
  3. You must post role every damn day. Don’t be one of those fucktards where everyone has to hold your hand to get you to post every damn day. These cavers never last.
  4. Do not romanticize about dipping. It is very important that you develop a hatred for nicotine. Developing a hatred for nicotine will properly re-wire your brain and cause your craves to not be as strong. It took me a long time to understand the need to not romanticize. Once I did, my quit became much stronger.
  5. In the first 100 days, use the fake stuff if you must, but after that, let it go. Eliminating the oral fixation will cause your quit to become much stronger.
  6. If you see some vets hammering a caver relentlessly, don’t be the savior that try’s to save the poor little caver. Cavers need to be hammered for them and for the group. Instead of trying to save him, I would recommend going apeshit crazy on him. Don’t be a special butterfly, stick with the herd.
  7. People are going to offer their number to you. Your going to think, “why the fuck should I hand out my number to this bitch ass stranger?” Don’t fucking worry about it, just give him your cell number. It will help your quit whether you realize now or not. No one is going to be calling. The most you will get is a text. Over the last 100 days I have given my number out to 20 people and I have never received a phone call. Text yes, but never a call. And that is the way I like it. Then again, I am a 100% poster. If I don’t post roll and don’t answer my texts, then I would expect someone to give me a call.
  8. Strive to post roll 100% of the time. In other words for your first 100 days post roll every damn day without exception. After that you will realize the importance of posting roll every damn day.
  9. If you just quit, you and I both know there is a spare can some where in your fucking house or car. It is imperative that you get up right now and get that break open only in case of an emergency can and flush it down the drain. Just because you are strong enough now not to dip, you may not be later. Addicts can not have possession of any nicotine.
  10. Most people say the first three days of being quit are the worst. However, everyone is different. My worst day came on day 6. If you can get past week 1, you have gotten past the worst of it.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member djhuft

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