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A Hall and a Half

Microwave BurritoI was 12 years old when I started dipping and back then we got to choose from three flavors – Happy Days for beginners, Copenhagen for men, and Skoal if you were too much of a pussy to dip Copenhagen. Within a few days of buying my first can of Happy Days for .54 cents I was at the creek fishing when an older kid invaded my spot and noticed me spitting. “Have you ever tried Copenhagen?” he asked.  And on that day a 40 year relationship started, the longest relationship of my life outside of my family.

Why quit? I had a cancer scare around Labor Day 2019. A dime-size spot on the roof of mouth that just did not want to go away that turned out to be a burn from a microwave burrito I scarfed down one night after too many Shiners.

Why KTC? Before I was cleared by the dentist on the aforementioned nuclear burrito, I had about four days of googling and researching that sore and the spot it was in – We’ve all been down that rabbit-hole that ultimately leads to a cancer diagnosis on WebMD – when I found an article on dip alternatives on KTC. I read that post, then another, and then the cancer stories, then other posts on the forum. The day my dentist cleared me was one day before I started on my quit on KTC. Why didn’t I join that day? Because when I got home that day with a clean bill of health what do I do? You guessed it, fished out my can of Copenhagen Southern Blend from my golf bag and packed a big ole dip in. I had barely worked up a good spit before I spit it out, disgusted with myself and at that time realized what I hadn’t the number of times I tried to quit before – I was an addict.

I’m truly thankful I found KTC. This model doesn’t work for everyone – if you’re not the type of person who’s mostly honest it may not work. But for me I was/am ready and I honestly don’t want to let my December  2019 crew, Athan, Keith, the bad ass TX quitters I met in Oct with Big Brother Jack like Rocketman, Chip, Broccoli, etc., down.

Jeff – 152 and I promise no nicotine today.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ankape

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