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100 Dipless Days

I decided to make the plunge to quit dip forever on 8/28/2018. The day before, I switched to Camel Snus after a “numb jaw” scare. I took 3 pouches and threw those out and went cold turkey after reading everything I could on KTC. I had never tried to quit before, or even tried to slow down. I lived in the moment and didn’t care about the future, but something finally clicked that day. I’m not going to lie, it is scary, it is emotional, and it is really, REALLY hard those first couple of weeks. Some craves almost literally brought me to my knees.

One particular time I will always remember for some reason was, when I was watering my garden probably around day 5-6 in my quit. I thought I was Superman and nothing could touch me. Everything was going great so far… I had craves before, but this was different, this was something that I had NEVER done without a dip in. I panicked, I cried (I know…), I thought to myself that I will never be able to quit in my whole life. I took it one crave at a time and got through the day. And guess what new quitters… it gets SOOOO much easier. If you can get through those first few weeks I know you can do it. Eventually the craves turned into days, the days days turned into weeks, and the weeks have turned into months finally, and I am waiting for the months to turn into years now! I am over 100 days quit and I never thought I could do it. I cannot stress to you reading this how much “One Day At A Time” helped me get to this point. Don’t think into the future, it will only depress you and make it seem like quitting is impossible. This method truly does work.

I would like to thank killthecan.org for showing me the way to truly quit. I would also like to thank Aaron (CopeQuits) and Josh (Croakenhagen) for all your support through the 100 days of my quit, and for putting up with all of my quitting questions. I know I wouldn’t be at this point without you guys and I am truly grateful. Tlass, quit on too buddy!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member ronniebean3

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