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A Measure of Success

Measure SuccessThere are many different theories as to the “best” way to quit dipping and smoking.  We’ve never said that our way is for everyone because it certainly isn’t.  Our “no holds barred” attitude toward quitting certainly rubs some people the wrong way that we’re OK with that.  What we will say is that our way works… and the Quit Smokeless Extreme (QSX) forums celebrated its third anniversary on November 20th.  As we do every year, we create a One Day Only Site Wide Roll Call.  It’s a yearly reminder of just how many allies you have behind you in your fight to beat you addiction.

I’m happy to say that we had some outstanding results this year:

45,320 DAYS quit

124.16 YEARS quit

Those are real numbers folks… from real people who are battling their addiction on a daily basis.  We don’t suggest that we’re “cured” because we’re not.  But we’re damn well quit and prove it day in and day out by giving our word to ourselves and to one another.

When you’re ready to quit – we’ll be here to help you.

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