Announcing WhackThePack.com

WhackThePackThe Admin/Moderator team of KillTheCan.org is pleased to announce the creation of a sister site, WhackThePack.com.  WTP will be geared toward smoking cessation.  It will function in much the same manner as KTC. Roll Call will be the foundation WTP will be built on.  Quit Groups and the HOF will be core concepts.

This isn’t to say that smokers aren’t welcome here at KTC – that’s certainly not the case. WTP is going to FOCUS on smokers similarly to the way KTC focuses no chewing. No longer will smokers have to try and modify the support/information that they receive from dippers… it’ll be coming directly from fellow smokers.

We are asking for your help to build this community during its infancy.  Your support during the initial stages will be critical to the site’s formation.  Help us create a safe haven for smokers much like the one you’ve found here.

We are excited about the opportunity to collectively bend the Big Tobacco machine over the proverbial barrel yet again, one quitter at a time!

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