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Are You Man Enough?


You just quit ___ days, hours, minutes ago. Man the urge is bad, you can barely stand it. Is feels like your skin is crawling. You are coming apart from the inside out. You feel like you can spin yourself in a circle like the Tasmanian devil. It sucks something fierce. I know, we all know. We have not only been in your shoes we are in your shoes. You would repel naked from the statue of liberty for a dip if someone would just let you. Well, that is something you must ask permission for. Yes, you must ask a quit brother for permission to give in, to loose, to FAIL. I don’t think anyone would let you fail. But you must ask. If you didn’t, you lost your accountability and you are weak! What are you? Who are you? What are you made of? You certainly were badass enough to start dipping are your MAN enough to QUIT? There are plenty of tools here to quit and stay quit. You must be smart enough to use them. When you realize you are not alone you will succeed.

You see that one dip you give into could possibly be the one that turns on the cancer gene in one cell. One that rapidly multiplies. One that the doctor says, man this is bad, it doesn’t look good. The one that ends your life. THE ONE THAT COULD HAVE BEEN PREVENTED. If only you stood up, acted like a man and honored your word.

If that seems so difficult, I suggest you spend some time reading this repeatedly:

Jenny and Tom Kern’s Story

over and over till the finality of self inflicted death sinks in, and the simple fact that you can prevent it hits home. God rest his soul, but may it be a learning experience for you.

Are you smart enough to figure it out, and are you man enough to do anything about it? You found the tools, will you use them properly? Let’s hope so, your life depends on it!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member  30yraddict

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