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Bear3454 – 100 Days of Freedom

Bear3454 avatarThere are two definitions of addict

  1. A person who is addicted to a particular substance i.e. typically a drug
  2. an enthusiastic devotee of a specified thing or activity

I spent many years as #2 never admitting I was #1. That was until 100 days ago. 100 days ago I became an Unenthusiastic devotee to the can and admitted I was addicted to the can.

So as an admitted addict I sought out support. Not from Family and friends but from complete fucking strangers in a chat room devoted to people such as myself.

Early on I was simply there to read things others posted. I was taught to post roll and after several attempts I actually caught on, although they switched things up and I got pissed on day 82 (HEE HEE). I can say it is pretty intimidating being the newbie. Especially when you read Harvest telling some to Fuck off. After awhile you realize this is a badge of honor. I still remember the post that earned me my badge. I simply said that nothing good comes out of Green Bay. Next post to pop up was FU BEAR!!!.

Ok so that broke my cherry and I became involved in discussions from that point on. Discussions ranging from What kind of work you do to Where you live. The weather always seemed to be a popular topic. Hookers, Whores, Lot Lizards, Canadians, Girl parts, Boy parts, Day counts , Beer, Butts, Name calling, Music, Sports etc….. just to name a few.

Posting random pictures of names and topics kinda became my thing and I think people generally enjoy my humor. Hell a few of them even started conversations. My “Come in Were Open” to my ” Out to Lunch” were quickly appreciated and my random picture catalog expanded over time. Maybe to the point that they got annoying but no one ever said so. Unless I was half naked.

I can tell you all this. I remained quit for these 100 day because of you. You all are part of my quit. I never told any one of my struggles during this 100 days. Days that I craved so bad my head wanted to explode. Days that I did not want to get out of bed. Days that made me feel anxiety and depression. The main reason I was able to push thru all of this was so I could post another day and listen to all the bullshit that went on inside the chat room. I quit for another day of chat. You all are part of the reason I am still quit. I hope you all know how important you are not only to me but to others that step into the chat room.

We are a fraternity of Quitters that watch out for each other. Never was this more apparent than on Day 74. That is when I got to meet several Quitters in Savannah, GA. They were having their 6th annual get together. I was the newbie there as well but was made to feel right at home. Talking to people that were on day 2248 and beyond while I was at day 74 was great. I cannot wait until next year already.

So here I am at 100. Earlier in my quit someone asked why 100. does it represent something that happens with the quit? Do you feel better that day? The answer was it is just a common milestone day. Just a day to reach and be applauded for. The day you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done and be recognized by others. A day where ,for no reason, you think of your accomplishment, and get a tear in your eye. Here are some random facts about 100

One hundred is one of the most ubiquitous numbers in life. We see it on money, best-of lists, memorials, compilations, scoring systems, and many other benchmarks. In math, percents are fractions out of 100, the most common way to measure amounts that are less than whole. 100 is used to signify large quantities because it is the square of our counting base, 10. It is also an important milestone number, like 50 and 25

  • The sum of the first 9 primes is 2 + 3 + 5 + 7 + 11 + 13 + 17 + 19 + 23 = 100………….for the math geeks
  • 100 degrees Celsius is the boiling point of water.
  • The imaginary division between the Earth’s atmosphere and outer space is called the Kármán line, and is set at a distance of 100 km above sea level.
  • A human farts about 100 times a week on average. (hee hee love this one)
  • Counting from 1 to 100 makes you say 203 syllables
  • 100 is the smallest three-digit number
  • In the Hawaiian language, one hundred is “ho`okahi hanele.”
  • In the Basque language, one hundred is “ehun.”
  • In the Finnish language, one hundred is “sata.”
  • The atomic number of the element fermium is 100. Fermium is a synthetic element that was first discovered in 1952, in the debris of the first hydrogen bomb test. The element is named after Enrico Fermi………….For the nerds

I like Number 4 the best. You knew you were going to learn so random crap from me while reading this. So 100 is here and gone much like day 1 thru 99. But as every day went on I was congratulated by all of you. On day 1 there were congrats for my decision. By day 14 there were congrats cause I posted correctly. On day 50 congrats to the halfway point. My point is you have been there for me every day. Not just today.

My wife asked my just the other day how I was doing. I told her I was quit 98 Days. She thought it was very odd that I kept up with the day count. I did not say anything to her about addiction and being and feeling clean. Accountability and needing to post every day to make a commitment. I simply smiled and said I was doing fine after that.

In conclusion I must advise that just cause I am at 100 you don’t get rid of me. Not by a long shot. I will continue to post. I will continue to chat. I will continue with the stupid pictures of bears and signs and names and memes and whatever the story line leads me to. You can’t get rid of the Bear you can only hope to contain him.

So “ho`okahi hanele.”(see above) has proven to be an event in my life that I will not forget. Tomorrow is another day next week, next month and next year will come and go but “ehun.”( again see above duh!!!!) will always be special.

Everyone that has been here I am proud to join you
Everyone that reaches here I am proud that you made it.

Now piss off before I tear up again you quitters


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Bear3454

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