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Best Foods To Eat While Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

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Quitting any form of tobacco can be quite a challenge, including smokeless tobacco. Make no mistake, smokeless tobacco such as dip is still very harmful. According to the CDC, smokeless tobacco can increase the risk of heart disease and stroke. It’s also heavily associated with various diseases of the mouth, including cancer.

For those wishing to quit, food can be both an ally and an enemy. There’s a lot of discussion around how food can impact someone quitting tobacco. Certain foods, such as meat, can trigger the urge to smoke. Here are foods that tobacco users claim to work the best when trying to quit.


Lots of smokers and dip users report frequent urges to snack when quitting. It’s a way of compensating for the lack of stimulation from tobacco use. Smokers are used to keeping their mouths and hands occupied with cigarettes. Low-calorie snacking foods, such as popcorn can replace that habitual behavior. In particular, air-popped popcorn is a snack low in calories yet high in fiber. That can help tobacco users feel full without going too crazy with snacking. One cup of air-popped popcorn is only 30 calories, and it can occupy tobacco users for a while.

Cinnamon Sticks

When tobacco users feel the urge to smoke or use tobacco, they should try sucking on a cinnamon stick. Not only are they shaped like cigarettes, but they provide a pleasing taste for no calories. The stimulation can nullify the tobacco craving. Cinnamon is a pleasing spice that has a nice jolt of flavor. It can be just the kick that tobacco users need to mimic their favorite fix. Cigarette smokers enjoy playing with cinnamon sticks to keep their hands busy during the day.

Dairy Products

A long-practiced technique of smokers trying to quit is to drink milk whenever a craving hits. That’s because dairy products are notorious for making cigarettes and tobacco taste bad. Milk, ice cream, and yogurt can help you deter users from giving in to a craving. If they do succumb to the temptation, the bad taste will usually lead them to stop after a few puffs.

Keto Diet Foods

Lots of smokers struggle with gaining weight when they try to quit smoking. That’s where eating protein on Keto diet plans comes into play. The Keto diet is a great way to lose weight while quitting smoking. This particular diet features high-protein foods that will help you feel full. For tobacco users that have high cholesterol and a heightened risk of heart disease, looking into making the switch to this diet might help with overall health.


Much like milk, vegetables will make tobacco and cigarettes taste undesirable. Certain vegetables such as carrots and celery sticks are stimulating for tobacco users. They can fiddle with them while snacking on them to relieve their cravings. As an added bonus, the positive health effects of vegetables can counteract the damage done by tobacco use.

For smokeless tobacco users, quitting is always going to be a challenge. They need a lot of support on their side, which is where the foods mentioned above come into play. With the right foods, tobacco users can fight off their cravings for good.

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