Best Mobile Apps That Will Help You Quit Smoking

Quit Smoking App

Smoking is a deadly habit that many people have. Quitting smoking is not as straightforward as it seems, so you need all the help you can get. Fortunately, we live in digital times, where technology comes forward with a solution. There are thousands of new online businesses opened each day, each one offering a new and creative solution to other people’s problems.

Smartphones now are capable of many extraordinary things; among all, there are also quit smoking apps designed to help you conquer this habit one day at a time.

In this article, we will go through some of the most popular apps that will help you quit smoking.

  1. QuitNow!

This app is designed to focus your energy into four sections. It has a strong ex-smoker community that will act as a support to this challenging path as well as many ex-smoker achievements that will keep you motivated. It has an excellent rating, and it is free to use. There are some in-app purchases, but you can use it without paying any of them.

  1. MyQuit Coach

MyQuit Coach is a physician-approved smartphone app that helps you quit smoking by creating a personalized plan for you. You have different ways to use the app, and you can choose whichever approach works best for you.

The app is designed in a way to lower your nicotine intake every day. Obviously, it is tough to stop smoking in one day. It is a long-term process that will track your cigarette consumption and your cravings for proof that you are making significant progress. Just like QuitNow! It has a built-in community, which is an excellent place for inspiration and support from other people. MyQuit Coach is free with in-app purchases.

  1. Cessation Nation

To quit smoking, you need all the support you can get. This app allows you to join a nation of other people that are in the same situation as you. This app is designed to stop your craving strikes by offering a distraction in a game or browsing your personal stats like how much money you saved or how long it’s been since you stopped smoking. It is a free-to-use app and a great way to support your decision to quit smoking.

  1. Smoke-Free

This is probably one of the highest-rated anti-smoking apps you can find in stores. With a rating of 4.8 stars, it is the top choice for many smokers. Smoke-Free comes with a rather different science-backed approach and more than 20 evidence-based techniques that will help you quit smoking for good.

You can log in your cravings and receive helpful tips for managing them, plus you’ll get insights for your craving patterns, which is perfect for knowing what time of the day you are craving for cigarettes. Additionally, they have an option where you could participate in a rigorous scientific experiment that is designed to help people quit smoking in the future.

  1. Get Rich or Die Smoking

When you decide to quit smoking, you need some sort of motivation to back up your decision. Get Rich or Die Smoking has a sophisticated reward system that will show you all the things you can afford as an ex-smoker. Plus, it keeps track of all the money you are saving since the day you quit.

If the finances don’t motivate you enough, this app will show you a health tap that keeps track of all the positive effects on your health, which began 20 minutes after your last cigarette. You can unlock achievements and build your profile up until you’ve reached the ultimate goal – Quit Smoking.

These are some of the best quit smoking apps you can find for smartphones. You can also take up other addiction, since they say it’s one of the best ways to stop smoking. You can bet on the NBA odds for example, which will not damage your physical health at least! Click here to know how. Still wage responsibly, to keep the risk to a minimum and this addiction ‘healthy’.

Smoking is a deadly habit that you have to get rid of as soon as possible. After you quit smoking, there will be a lot of health benefits. Among all, you will have a bigger lung capacity and more strength, so you will be healthier. Such things will provide even additional motivation.

As we mentioned in the beginning, it is a tough path that seems impossible for many people. However, with the help of the big community and creative ways to battle your carvings, you will be able to quit smoking for good.

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