2016 HOF Speeches

Break The Cycle

DnToday16 avatar174 days. Each morning when I post roll I can’t believe that it’s another day in the books. I’m gonna keep this short, because I’m not one to ramble. This HOF speech is for those of you reading through all of the posts on this forum, thinking about quitting, or on day 2 of your quit, or on day 10 of your quit.

Do it.

I think people like to over complicate things. I’m not going to pretend like quitting is easy. In fact, the first 30-40 days of my quit were such a bitch. While the physical addiction sucked, it was more that I had formed the habit of dipping with almost everything I do throughout the day. Shower? Dip. Drive? Dip. Read? Dip. Bedtime? Dip. TV? Dip. You have to break that cycle. You have to nut up and break those habits. It takes time. It sucks. But it’s simple.

Break the cycle one day at a time. This is probably my 30th time to quit, but it’s finally stuck, and I’m never falling off the wagon. I can say that with 100% certainty. I’m not going to let myself down, I’m not going to start the cycle again. I’m not going to let the funbags down.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member DnToday16

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