Big Brother Jack, Scrap77 & boelker62 Take In A Clutch Show

Big Brother Jack Scrap77 boelker62 forum members Big Brother Jack, Scrap77 & boelker62 got together recently to take in a show from the Clutch Earth Rocker Tour at the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA. Got a pic from a quitter meet you’d like added?  Contact us or upload it!

Chattanooga Quitter Meet At Carraba’s

Chattanooga Meet at Carraba's forum members papabear1986, Mike_Land, Erussell & jake frawley got together in Chattanooga at Carrabba’s for some end of 2013 quit chat! Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added?  Contact us, upload it or post it to the Facebook page!