2018 HOF Speeches

Chain of Nicotine Broken


I came to this site strictly from the Holy Spirit. I didn’t just stumble upon something so unique and genuine about saving my life and also my life falling into place. Listen to me very carefully if you just started your quit. This site.. your “brothers and sisters of your group” and also Jesus will save your life. Every damn day you feel like ass just tell yourself the chains are broke. It gets better it really does I promise. Hitting 100 days for me isn’t magic, but it’s a milestone an aspiritual stake I drove into the ground saying FU nicotine. I have great days, good days, bad days and damn today sucked gorilla nuts. BUT!!! I am experienced now.. I am knowledgeable I start laughing when I have withdrawals and nicotine comes knocking like an evil jezebel. You can’t fight this thing and think it’s over after x amount of days. You gotta saddle up daily and mount the nicotine trash bag to the ground. She wants you to get knocked off your horse… she comes when you are broken down tired and vulnerable… hence when I said… HAVE FAITH in Jesus and also your brothers me sisters of your quit group. It’s not some dumb coincidence that I stumbled into the perfect group for me. I mean my group is so hardcore I received dick picks WHEN I WAS HAVING WITHDRAWLS. We are in the same battle folks.. it’s a battle I the mind….

Nicotine gave me bad anxiety and panic attacks. I was out of work for a month thinking I had a bad case of vertigo… come to find out I dipped so long in the day my
Brain stopped making chemicals and I couldn’t EVEN HANDLE my wife leaving the house. I’m
6,2 260lbs and I’m a Butcher IRL. I’m not one to be afraid or scared or feel Panic… so after numerous doctors visits he put me on antidepressant and for a month I felt better… then the nicotine came knocking so hard it beat me to my knees.. I got up one day flushed all my medication told Jesus take the wheel and this “check” of my anxiety and panic and worries because I’m done dealing with it. SHE WONT take my joy or beat me down anymore or ruin my day. Since then positive thinking, praying, reading books, and telling my “mind” to shut up time to time has worked for me. Will I ever be the same?? Hell no.. I am BETTER… I have a beautiful 4year old daughter and 15month old twin boys. If I can beat the nicotine you sure the hell cam saddle up and get positive in your life. If you ever need to vent or need some inspiration drop by our group and hit us up. Most of us will parachute in a dime for each other. I’ll even pull the string for you and climb in that hole because APRIL 2018 knows the way out baby.

I forgot to mention I have been off medication for 40 days and I know everyone is different, but you gotta believe in Jesus.

I would like to thank the big man up stairs aka GOD, Jesus for putting me back together and making me the man I was supposed to be.

Also huge shout out to skol and my APRIL group. They are literally my second family. KTC AND THE vets are also a huge part of our success. BATDAD AND Samrs are just awesome guys and the conductors of our HOF TRAIN. I am just blessed to be apart of truly amazing people. I am very thankful and love all you guys, gals.

Once again for the new guys, gals… this site works. You are serious about your quit then get serious and get involved.

Much love and stay quit!!!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Numb

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