2015 HOF Speeches

Doc Lennon HOF Speech – 100 Day Speech

lennon_9876 avatarSo today, this 3rd day of February of the year of are Lord 2015, I made it to 100 dedicated days without nicotine. I’ve tried many times before. The whole nicotine gum, medicine, and senseless patches didn’t work. What work is this right here. A place where you can get together with people who are going threw the same mess you’re going threw. So many providers say try this and let me know how it’s working but have no actual experience with what there giving only book knowledge. Being a Doc (a medic for marine infantry) I’m supposed to set the example and show them that nicotine is bad. Show them that it is possible to quit. With all my previous attempts to try to quit and now being able to finally reach that Hall of Fame day of 100 days quit, I know what works and doesn’t work. All the recourse’s this site provides is very accurate and helpful. That dang on fury feeling tongue was the worst. Thank you everyone from the FFF and all those saltdogs on this site who have quit before.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member lennon_9876

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