2015 Savannah Meet – Low Country Boil

The annual Savannah Quit Meet was held from February 6th through February 8th.  This meet had over 63 years (23,124 days) of quit represented!  KillThecan.org forum members in attendance included:

Keddy, Roy, baitbanjo, Bigwhitebeast, Steevo, Souliman, hydro, Mike_Land, boelker62, Nodiak, SamCat!!!, jeeptruck, CBird65, Radman, Scowick65, DiplessinJax, ziesmer & ERDVM.

Quitters traveled from far and wide to make this meet possible. In addition to a massive amount of quit days, there were 12 states represented! Florida, Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee & Texas.

Savannah 2015 (36)

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