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DocPetey Finally Wrote a Speech

DocPetey Finally Wrote a Speech - Hall of Fame KTC 6Where to start?

I began this journey of being free from nicotine just over 600 days ago. I knew it was time to quit and knew I needed help in order to quit as I had taken breaks on my own countless times. Weekends had become a repeat of day 1 and 2 week after week. I got use to the craving on the weekends and was fine with it knowing come Monday morning I would stop and pick up a can.

Making it past the first couple days was a breeze, it was day 3 that was the real bitch. The thing that made it doable was finding this website and finding others that had done it and others going through the beginnings of quitting.

I have posted roll everyday since joining the September 2018 Shartnados. Most days I still make sure my post is my day count followed by …no nicotine for me today. That has been my promise to myself, and my fellow Shartnados and supporters.  I fear that if I don’t type out the promise then I leave a crack for the nic bitch to sneak in and give me a reason to cave. Even at 600 plus days, I don’t want to tempt it.

I still use my promise to fend off cravings. When the little devil of a nic bitch pops up on my shoulder tell I can have just one. I know I can’t mainly because I made a promise I wouldn’t. That’s why it important for all you new quitters to remember to WUPP, Wake Up Piss Post. Sometimes I get lucky and get to add an F in there, but the point is to make sure you start your day by making your promise. No sense in not have #1 tool to stay quit.

I always thought Batdad put it best when he said, “Nothing in my life has helped me quit until I came in here and posted roll… that’s it.. Hell, you don’t even need to read anything in here… just fucking post roll.” I couldn’t agree more and that’s why its been in my signature line since he typed.

For those that post and ghost don’t take that as an excuse for only posting roll. At the top of the page you’ll see the formula for success. BROTHERHOOD + ACCOUNTABILITY = SUCCESS. That brotherhood built by just posting roll and neither is accountability.  Get to know your fellow quitters and not just in your home group.  As you reach milestones share them with the newbies. Remind them this is possible as they remind us what we went through to get were we are today.

A huge shout out to my brothers that are still posting in September 18, Zukya, Mrc1953, Cyclonewoody, GEvans92, xtryingx, Rich1985, Jeff1960, Slugger7, metal121, Kancoltex, and most of all Peter Gibbons, you guys for becoming my brothers and keeping me accountable.

I can’t forget our constant supports and honorary Sharts: AthanJmedic30evillenCroakenhagen, skolvikings, snahsorg, Keith0617kodiakdeathUncleRico

69Franx and Broccoli-saurus   thank you being there to guide me through the fog

To the Marchmen of 2018 thank you for welcoming me as one your own.
To the Nut House of Quit it was honor and privilege to be one your conductors.
To the Q-Team I will find you one these days.
To the Screaming Sea Monkey of September 2019 it’s been great mentoring you guys.
To Doofus  thank you for the text before I roll out of bed every single day without fail.

To those on the fence and don’t think you can quit. If all us crazy BAQs can quit so can you.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member DocPetey

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