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1000 Days

Today I hit 1,000 days of quit. It doesn’t seem that long looking back on it. There have been ups and downs along the way but eventually everything settled and it has been smooth sailing since about the 2 year mark. It seemed as if every milestone up till then brought with it a new wave of challenges to navigate. What stayed constant through those difficult days was all I had to do was keep my word until the next day when I could make my promise again. I know this has been said so many times on this site but it holds so much truth that it bears repeating. It works and if something works you keep doing it.

For my fellow quitters do not look at 100 or 1,000 as ending points in your posting instead look at this as your new routine to ensure that you are quit for today and for today alone as all we control is today. Milestones are simply reminders of how far we have come, not some point indicating we are cured and no longer need the tools that got us here.

The secret to KTC is being on roll so be on it and be Quit.

I’ll see you all tomorrow and if you do not see me reach out and kick me in the ass for being late.

Quit Like Fuck Kicking Nicotine’s Ass with all you Bad Ass Quitters

NOTE: This piece written by forum member DocPetey

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