2014 HOF Speeches

Done w/ Dip HOF Speech – Learning To Live

KTC PendulumWow, a hundred days. I wish I could say that they just flew by but the truth is it has been a hell of a struggle. I can’t express in words how thankful I am to this site for giving me back my freedom.

When I first joined this site I was extremely angry that I, George, would have to stoop to an online website to quit using tobacco. What sorry pathetic people would need the support of complete strangers to quit something that quite frankly should be one of the easiest things to quit. The only thing you have to do is not put the shit in your mouth. Really that’s it, don’t stop at the station, don’t buy the can, don’t open the can, and don’t put the shit in your mouth.

Man I could not have been more wrong, I don’t think that I ever realized the path that quitting would lead me down. I had to learn to live all over again, with every single thing I do every single day. I will say that I have been resolute from the beginning in my quit for nothing other than my son which is about 3 weeks from making his appearance. That being said it didn’t make the transition any easier to go from a can to can and a half user a day to nothing. No crutch, no nothing just MY word and THIS website.

To the vets who came before I thank you for leading the way and continuing to support this site so that idiots like me can find it.

To the guys in Project Mayhem, Guys I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the constant support, accountability, and assistance in what I am sure will always be known to me as the day my life started over. There are several of you that went the extra mile with me to help make sure I made it to today, you know who you are and I thank you.

I pray that you all stay around and continue to support each other through what I am sure it a never ending battle against ourselfs. Something I have always liked hearing is “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t– your right.” Henry Ford

Guys I am proud to be quit with you yesterday, today, and tomorrow QLFEDD!


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Done w/ dip

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