2021 HOF Speeches

Freedom From the Can

FreedomThe time has come to flip the switch
To cut her off and say
It’s over now, and I don’t need
To wait another day

The morning is the hardest
Fighting tooth and nail
Power through another hour
Without a cave or a fail

She lied when we were young
She lied as we have grown
She settled down inside our head
And made herself a home.

First week goes on forever
The cravings never end
One day becomes the third
Then six, and nine and ten.

The cure is in the can!
The surly siren cries!
Just one small dip will clear the fog
You know she’s full of lies.

The heavy fog surrounds your head
A haze of heavy mist
Confusion, sluggish headache
I’m weak, confused and pissed

She lives inside that brain of ours
Becomes that golden crutch
She made us think we needed her
The truth, is not so much

I made a choice those years ago
To act like some big man
And now I make another choice
Called freedom from the can

She’s sleeping now, but lies in wait
And stirs when I am weak
Wake up and piss and get my phone
To add to my long streak

The danger lies beyond today
Today is all I know
My brothers gather on the list
My name goes on below.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Wolfe68

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