2016 HOF Speeches

Grantl92 HOF Speech

Grantl92 HOF SpeechIt was when i was 15 years old when i tried my first dip we were tearing up my friends backyard with my buddy’s truck (stupid right) and all of my buddy’s were dipping over there so i decided to try the stuff out. It was a dip of Skoal Wintergreen i loved the shit until it maid me a little dizzy. Fast forward about a month and i was with the same group of people and we were just getting done playing a game of man hunt around the town and there was a bunch of fine high school ass with us playing man hunt so i decided to look cool and put another dip in. This time things turned out different 5 minutes after i put that wintergreen dip in my mouth i had to take a massive fucking shit and im dizzy as hell. Well i jump in the back of my friends truck bed and while in there im feeling like shit haha we get to the house where we are going to drink beer at and i go and take a massive shit in that bathroom, It felt amazing!

After that experience i only dipped on occasion until one day probably towards the end of 15 i had decided i wanted to be a full blown dipper stupid right. So ever since than i probably dipped 1/2 a can a day (during high school because you really didn’t have to much time to dip) while at lunch all the other rednecks and i would skip lunch and go take a “shit Dip in the Bathroom” and skip lunch just for a dip.

Once i got to college my whole fraternity dipped as well but they dipped more and liked to get fucked up a lot more so in my college years i was dipping about a can a day mind you after high school i had planned on quitting but of course i didn’t. My first quit happened after i went to jail and after i got out i decided to quit everything. So i did quit dipping for 3 weeks and drinking well after the college break was over none of that lasted. So finally here i am 6 months out of college a dip free thank God! Done dipping thanks for tuning in would of gone on longer but would have been way to long.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member grantl92

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