2016 HOF Speeches

Harriman HOF – Long Time Coming

Hall of Fame KTC 4This has been a long time coming. Started chewing little bits when I was 10. So many times I look back and wish I could kick that kids ass. These 100 days have been some of the best worse days of my life. Best because the nic bitch in my head has been almost choked out. Worst because the suck in the beginning.

I stand today as a free man no spit bottles around and no chew cans near. There are so many I should thank but I’ll forget some so I’m sorry in advance. Pky for reminding me to post. Cowmus for going through the worst with me. Highton for being that txt away. Mnxengineer for reminding me to post. Simple simon man I had a lot of people jumping my ass to post lol.

I remember the first days on Ktc someone was getting jumped for caving. Right there I said shit I don’t want to be that guy. So I stayed true to my quit.

I have MS and been struggling with new symptoms if you all Polly figured out my memory lol from all you reminding me to post lol. I am forever thankful to my brothers here if I forgot to add someone who helped me I apologize (rewire).

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Harconan

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