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HOF and Not Insane

HOF and Not Insane - MikeW2018 avatarGood morning,

My addiction started when I was 18. My best friend at the time had a can and I got a dip from him. I was hooked, my older brother chewed and when he found out I was dipping he wasn’t real happy and he let me know it. Didn’t stop me from stuffing my lip.Knowing my folks spent a couple of grand in dental work on me before that first dip didn’t stop me from stuffing my lip. I continued dipping till I was 27, can a day easy. My girlfriend at the time hated my dipping and would nag at me constantly to quit, so to not have to listen to her I stopped.

Important word there stopped, not quit. Stopping leaves the door open to dip again. After a messy split I went and had a few beers and saw Grizzly L.C. wintergreen on sale. I’ve blamed drinking on my decision to buy that tin, but it was me. I wanted to chew still. Nobody or thing or circumstance made me dip again. I did, I made the choice to dip and keep dipping until this year. Here’s the good part … Or stupid part I stopped for five years and threw it all away.  I always told myself you can quit later, or next year. When I got married I promised I’d quit.  When my stepson asked me to I’d quit. When My son was born I’d quit. My boy is 8 and now knows daddy stuffed his lip with bad stuff as he calls it.

This year and with some minor pressure from my lovely wife and kids I did some soul searching and found out I wanted to quit. I want to be there for my kids and hopefully soon grandkids.

Digging on the internet I found this site and signed up. Damn…. I was not disappointed.  Some great folks reached out me right away and I can’t thank them enough.  Right away Oliver88, Boovie,Your my boy Boo!  MikeP , Big124 thank you, you were there in the beginning and still there today. Cap70 was there till his cave, and his cave is somewhat inspiring to not wuss out. To all the quitters I text with Thank you. That extra accountability makes the day start out great.  Running out of words, if I missed anybody it wasn’t intentional, thank you all looking forward to 200 odaat.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member MikeW2018

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