2020 HOF Speeches

Better Late than Never For JLit!

Better Late Than Never

Good Afternoon Everyone!  I know I am a little late to my own HOF Speech.  Today is day 103!!  Better late than Never!  I believe this saying is something that we can all relate to.  Should we all have quit our terrible habit years ago?  Yes but better late than Never!   We have all made the choice NOW to be nicotine free and together we can continue that promise and help others continue with their promise to be Nic Free!

My story is the same or very similar as a lot of you out there.  I was a kid growing up in a small farm town.  A friend introduced me to a can of Skoal and we both took our first DIP.  WORST DECISION OF MY LIFE!!  From then on I have chewed on an off until I found KTC.  I had been talking with my wife about what I really needed to quit this habit (After trying everything!!) and I had always told her I need a support group of people that are going through the same thing as me. I could not find anything close to me as far as support groups for dipping or at least more focused on dipping than another addiction.  I needed people who knew what I was going through.  Finally I found it in KTC.  Men and Woman across the country banding together to support each other beat this crippling habit.  Men and Woman keeping each other accountable for posting their promise each and every day to stay away from Nicotine.  Men and Woman who want to stay quit and will do everything they can to help you stay quit.

My wife had been begging me to quit for years and years.  I kept quitting and failing and quitting and failing.  I am done failing. With the help and support of all of the JUGS of January 2020 and others like @chris2alaska and his daily message and promise (I really like these!) and with the support of my wife I am succeeding. I am Quit and will continue to be Quit because that is what I want!

I am here to help anytime a fellow Quitter needs me.  Reach out and PM me anytime.  I want us all to be successful with staying quit from this addiction.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member JLit

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