2015 HOF Speeches

HOF trigerhapy – April 2015

HOF trigerhapy - April 2015So, I’m an addict…

Because of quitting snuff/smoking I’ve had to take a real hard look at the man in the mirror. Been fooling myself for a long time about some things in my life. The instigator was quitting nicotine. I soon realized I was letting alcohol take its place. I decided to quit drinking as well.

By owning one quit, and all that entails here at KTC, it’s simply opened my eyes to the real me. Looking back at my adult life I can now recognize that I’m a high functioning alcohol and nicotine addict. Not an easy thing to accept, but there it is.

I hope quitters reading this will realize how owning your addiction and utilizing KTC can truly save your life. Maybe in more ways than one.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member trigerhapy

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