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A Late HOF Speech

KTC PendulumGentlemen,

Dipping is like marrying a super hot crazy girl. She’s incredibly attractive so you look past her initial craziness, but by the time you’re married its too late and its gonna go down hill. Like most of us, I started dipping at a young age (14 years old when I had my first chew). I tried to quit over 10 times before “successfully” making it past 100 days. I say “successfully” in quotation marks because we all know that a quit is never successful. My cravings now (350 days+) are definitely weaker than the first 100 days but my quit has also required me to make fairly significant life changes as dipping was patching a deeper issue… I no longer drink and take time every day to do something I enjoy. I find it to be crucial to having fun in life and not relying on a $5 can of poison to bring me a smile. I’m proud pursue staying quit each and every day with a group of guys who is right there with me.

TO THE NEW GUYS: Know that this battle is a tough one (nicotine follows heroin and alcohol as one of the strongest addictions on planet earth). That’s why this website exists. Now its time to take ownership and enjoy the battle of quit – a battle that will hopefully save you your life.

– Sebas05bcs

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member sebas05bcs

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Jenny Kern-Anderson
Jenny Kern-Anderson
4 years ago

Stay strong! It’s worth it – for you and your loved ones!

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