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How To Hack Happiness Chemicals When Quitting Dip

Anyone who’s ever done a bit of research about quitting dip knows that it can come with a slew of potential withdrawal symptoms. Stress, anxiety and depression are among those that tend to hit most quitters in some way shape or form. Community member ChickDip shared this image the other day on our Discord server about how to ‘hack’ happiness chemicals and I wanted to share it cause I think it’s GREAT.

Happiness Chemicals

Especially with ALL that we’ve been going through in the past couple of years with the pandemic, every little tip or trick can help bring some joy to our lives. And NEVER forget this… it’s OK to not be OK. If you need help or you’re feeling down reach out – we’ve got your back.

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11 days ago

Darn good article. Thanks for sharing ChickDip. I am looking for a like button here and there isn’t one. Shoot. I am sharing this.

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