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Big Brother Jack avatarOn Sept 10th 2006 many things happened in the world …

2006 Sep 10, Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts defeated Eli Manning and the New York Giants 26-21 in the first NFL game to feature two brothers starting at quarterback.

2006 Sep 10, Golf pioneer Patty Berg (88) died in Fort Myers, Fla.

2006 Sep 10, Bennie Smith (72), St. Louis blues guitarist, died.

2006 Sep 10, Florence intensified into the second hurricane of the Atlantic season as it headed for Bermuda, where residents installed storm shutters and hauled their yachts onto beaches.

2006 Sep 10, Afghan President Hamid Karzai formally opened a 25-million-dollar Coca-Cola bottling plant, one of the most significant investments in Afghanistan since the ousting of the Taliban five years ago. In eastern Afghanistan Gov. Abdul Hakim Taniwal (63) was killed with his nephew and bodyguard in a suicide attack outside his office in the Paktia capital of Gardez. The US military warned that a suicide bombing cell is targeting foreign troops in Kabul. In the Panjwayi district of Kandahar 94 Taliban were killed and one was wounded in four different engagements overnight. The alliance offensive near the main southern city of Kandahar killed another 92 suspected Taliban fighters, pushing its 10-day toll of militant dead past 510. Gunmen kidnapped a Colombian aid worker and two Afghan employees of a French-funded non government organization west of Kabul.

2006 Sep 10, in Bangladesh police used batons to break up a protest, where demonstrators took to the streets across the country in another general strike ahead of elections in January.

2006 Sep 10, In Brazil international trade officials sought to strike a positive tone at the end of a two-day meeting aimed at restarting negotiations for the stalled World Trade Organization’s Doha Round. The talks were billed as a High Level Meeting of the Group of 20 (G20) developing nations, but they represented the first time nearly all the parties involved have come together since the Doha talks were suspended.

2006 Sep 10, China announced detailed controls on the distribution of news by foreign news agencies, banning all content that violates its own tight media restrictions.

2006 Sep 10, In Cuba leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) of 116 developing nations began gathering for a 6-day summit (Sep 11-16).

2006 Sep 10, Wrangling forced Iraq’s parliament to suspend debate on a bill that Sunni Arab groups fear would break up the country. At least 27 people were killed across Iraq. In Kut 6 bodies bearing signs of torture were found in the Tigris River. 2 bodies were found in Musayyib and 3 more near the Duluiya bridge.

and on Sept 10th 2006 I lost my little Brother Cliff in an instant … On the phone Saturday busting each others balls and less than 48 hours later getting the call that he was gone … My Life Changed that day and through it all the thought of starting to dip or chew tobacco again never crossed my mind … I had been Quit for such a long time leading up to that day … 4756 Days to be exact … All with only the Support of my Brother … One thing that he did leave me though was an Open Chat Room and unbelievably a core of strangers that took me under their wing and watched over me during those first few months ( I’m Proud that to date ive been able to meet and thank over 100 Quitters and I’m just getting started ) … Today I posted 8052 days … One Day at a Time … I’m No Legend just another Quitter that starts fresh every morning … This KTC Community is what is Legend … Embrace it and lean on those who stand with you everyday and I Promise you will learn everything you need to Quit everyday as I have for the past 9 years since Cliff past away … Think about what you post and if its genuinely helping someone … Be Supportive , Be Honest and Be Proud of the person you are becoming … I look forward to meeting as many Quitters as humanly possible and shaking all of your hands that help me keep my Brothers memory alive …

B.ig B.rother J.ack

March 2006 No Chew Crue

NOTE: This piece written by forum member Big Brother Jack

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