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I’m No Poet

KillTheCan LogoSo here I sit: 100 days quit,
100 days without any spit,
100 days without any shit,
100 days with a clean bottom lip.

100 days for the first time in years,
And 394 days without any beers,
100 days into my quit,
KTC helped me give up the dip.

Just a group of ex-dippers,
Facing our addiction,
Dealing with it daily,
KTC is the prescription.

It troubles the mind,
To look back and see,
The tobacco chewing asshole,
I used to be.

I dipped it at breakfast,
I dipped it at supper,
When my bottom lip got raw,
I moved it to the upper.

When I couldn’t get it,
I’d act like a child,
I’d make those around me miserable,
And feel guilty all the while.

I’d suffer the heartburn,
The spit spills and the stench,
Just so this addict,
Could have another pinch.

I did it so long,
It became part of my life,
Sometimes I’d choose it,
Over my wife.

If you are an addict considering a quit,
KTC is the place to get rid of the shit,
The nic-bitch does not hang around these parts,
And when it comes to quitting today is the best day to start.

I was a disgusting excuse for a man,
But for the last 100 days KTC helped me kill the can.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member donewithapinch

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One Comment

  1. Now that is a great poem.ver appropriate.
    I’m trying not to always tie into how many days honestly. Think Im somewhere in the 20s now. Say to myself “I’m just done” not going back to it. Is difficult but whatever – just be done with it. Plenty of people live without it – no reason I should be any different.
    Keep up the good work boys

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