2014 HOF Speeches

It All Started Here!

I am a quitter for good!Most of you don’t know me. My name is Matt and I just turned 40 on August 27th. I can now say that I am a quitter for good! Thanks to God…and also to you good people as well.

Originally, I came to this website looking for a place to plant my thoughts and look for people engaged in quitting just as I did. The past few months have been strenuous and downright painful. I was a sucker for 15 years and dipped the past 5. Of all my previous attempts at quitting (over 20) this time I decided I was done. August 16th is when I decided to get off this roller coaster and quit for good. I was just sick of the nicotine controlling me. I just didn’t need it anymore.

It’s been 104 days since I quit cold turkey on Sunday Aug 16. I originally planned to post roll every day but I chickened out and thought I could do it my own way. Fortunately I was able to do it. Although I couldn’t recommend it to everyone. Some need more support than others. I also attribute part of my success to the Wellbutrin the doc gave me for my adult ADD a few months ago. Anyway it seemed to work just as well with addiction.

The reason I wanted to post this isn’t because I wanted to exalt myself and my success. No, the reason I did it was to thank this site and all of you for the infinite wisdom and insight of your articles. Thank you…thank you..thank you!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Dipster

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