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It Is Just the Beginning

KTC Logo - OrangeThis is definitely one on one combat. Winner take all! 110% participation and then some is required to be successful!

Brutal? Yeah.
True? Absolutely!

When I first found KTC I wasn’t ready to be quit. It was 2012. I was around 31 years old and bullet proof, or so I thought. I lurked around for a day or two and decided this wasn’t for me. It seemed like a lot of drama. I told myself I could do this alone. Man, let me tell you, I was a complete fool! I tried to quit and I failed too many times to count.

Fast forward to June 2018. I was 37 at the time. I was at 1.5 cans a day, sometimes 2 cans a day depending on what was going on in my life. “Treating” myself when something good happened and getting lost in a can or 2 when life was tough. It was a vicious cycle. I dipped for approximately 21 years. Do the math, I had been dipping more years of my life than not. My dentist was pleading that I quit dipping. I was beginning to have dental and medical issues — receding gums, tooth pain, root canals, and high blood pressure; something had to change, this had to stop!

So, since 2012, when I originally signed up for KTC, I have become a father and I’ve been married almost 10 years. My entire life and the people I cherish has changed. I wanted to better myself, not only for me but for my family.

Change was coming and day 1 was just the beginning.

I came across KTC yet again. I started talking with several people in live chat, little did I know that I eventually would be texting with some of these same people daily. If someone would have told me I would be texting with a bunch of moody nicotine addicts (yeah, I’m one of these too) to help me stay quit, I would have told them to see a therapist. You know what though, it worked. It was just crazy enough to work. Every day I found myself more and more confident in my quit. I was talking, texting and discussing on the forum about all the tough spots in my quit and how it was impacting my life and my family’s life. Talking with people who don’t know a single thing about me other than we share an addiction. Here we are, clawing our way out of addiction every single day. Rewiring our brains and bodies. Trusting that we have each other’s back when something happens and we need a lifeline. They never failed me and I will not fail them.

Every single person that I have interacted with here, positive or negative, has strengthened my quit in some way.

Still, on day 128 it is absolutely astounding to me that no matter how many intros, HOF speeches, and group threads that I read, how similar all of our stories are. The paths we take, the intricacies we share and the lies we told ourselves and our families to stay addicted. KTC has taught me so much and still I read something every day that connects me more and strengthens my quit.

Day 128 is still just the beginning…


If you’re reading this and are thinking about quitting, do it. Commit to your day 1, it will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. I can promise you that!

I have to thank a few people because relationships matter a great deal to me here. I apologize in advance, there are quite a few and I don’t want to leave anyone out. If I do, please let me know.

First, all my Rawktober brothers and sisters in quit. Every single one of you matter to me more than words could ever express. Thanks for keeping me on the right path with daily accountability and brotherhood. I’ve blown some of your phones up more than I would like to admit. Thank you for not blocking my number yet.

Kickin-wing, Kitt, Rweezy, Hutch, CleFan, QuitWinay, Tash, Steve624, Badmoona, Justin_ca, Golfer, CDM, Turdferguson – you guys keep me going and are some bad ass quitters. Thanks for allowing me to text you daily which helped hold me accountable. I don’t think you realize how helpful each of you are in my quit…yeah, even the insanely inappropriate and hilarious GroupMe discussions we have.

Aumegrad, thanks for your incredible insight and motivational words. Your goal crushing and positive attitude is contagious, brother, I hope to be here with you for a long, long time.

DocPetey – my brother from another month. Thanks for the daily texts and for letting me stick around in the September’18 GroupMe to harass y’all. The comradery helped me out a ton.

Copequits, BBQChips, SeanFiske – I don’t really know what to say…thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough and it doesn’t express how incredibly grateful that I am to have you three on my side. I’d like nothing more than to one day be able to sit down, have a few beers and talk about our journey thus far. Thank you for always allowing me to speak my mind, vent and bounce ideas off of you guys when I didn’t want or know how to say it in the forum. Copequits, thank you for the phone calls, insane amount of roll fixes, backing me off a ledge several times, and the threats that you would drive to Texas. Still quit brother!

Dallas Drummathon Meet up Crew – thank you for the awesome meetup experience and making my quit tangible. I hope to see y’all again soon.

Broccoli-saurus – You were there early on in my quit and still are there. You helped me meet up with some serious BAQs. Your quit and perseverance inspire me daily.  Thank you, brother!

Athan – Thank you for your words of encouragement and phone calls. You listened to me when I was at some of my lowest points and reinforced my resolve. You are a titan among quitters and I will be forever thankful that you and I crossed paths in life. Ok, love you bye!

BMC – Your humor, inspirational words and no bullshit attitude helped me though some really trying times. Thanks for always letting me vent and talk about anything and everything.

Oliver88- You are a philosophical genius. You know what to say, how to say it to make the most impact. Thanks for listening and helping me out with my anxiety early on.

SRains – Your quit wisdom and helpfulness is amazing. I’m not sure how you do it man, but keep that up. Thanks for your guidance. You helped me out more than you will ever know.

Candoit, Cochese, 69franx, MPG, Skol, Samrs, and Leonidas – Thank you all for your early and continued support for the RAWK and for lighting a fire under my quit on numerous occasions. I want you to know that you guys support never went unnoticed. I appreciate it.

Lastly, I wanted to also mention Capital70. I almost didn’t bring it up, but let’s be honest…He helped a lot of quitters in October and the groups that followed. He inspired me to stay quit, let me talk about things regarding mental health that I had never really talked to anyone else before. I honestly do not believe I would still be quit without his help during those early days in my quit. Ultimately, my quit was strengthened unequivocally because he caved. It was a huge wake-up call for me. I will be here to see him answer the three questions once he decides to quit again…just as he would have done for me.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Croakenhagen

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