2015 HOF Speeches

Its Been a Year Now…

Its Been a Year Now...Its Been 366 Days now so guess now is a better time then none to finally write my HOF speech.

I came to KTC a year and 1 day ago worried & scared..how the hell was i going to quit something that ive been doing for so damn long? How was i going to overcome the craves? How was i ever going to be able to live my life without something that has been a big part of my life for so long? What happens if i can’t do this? WHAT IF?!

Well, let me tell you it wasn’t easy. But it was damn worth it. Day’s 1-50 were a real drag. I felt like i had my head in a bubble, didn’t want to be bothered by anything or anyone. I would wake up in the middle of the night and reach for a can that wasn’t there. I came to Chat 5-8 hours a day to just vent to everyone instead of taking it out on my family, friends & coworkers. When i wasn’t in chat i relied on Cinnamon candies and just about any damn thing that would keep my mind off of the Nic Bitch.

Day’s 50-100 seemed to be a real breeze actually. Craves started to linger away, i wasn’t so irritable. I finally started sleeping thought the night! (Thank god!) I started to laugh and smile again. I became to realize how absolutely amazing life is without Nic. I started experimenting with Safe Alternatives. I think i must have tried every brand. I finally decided with Jake’s Mint Chew , what a relief that stuff is. It certainly kept the edge off when the cravings came. I was still in chat all the time, because well the people on KTC are just that awesome. I finally got the courage to go to the dentist, somewhere everyone who uses tobacco tries to stay away from. Well, CANCER FREE & beautiful white teeth back! Woo hoo!!!

Cheers to Triple Digits! 100-300 How AWESOME it feels to be at this number! One of the BEST feelings ever is to accomplish some you thought you could never do, such as this. Time seemed like it flew by, i guess thats what everyone was talking about when they say ODAAT (one day at a time). Now i say that all the time. During these days i found myself not even using Jake’s mint chew AT ALL! I do carry it around with me (just in case that craving sneaks up). Which they did, on occasion. They weren’t so bad as the others though, and didn’t last as long. My life seemed to back to MY life, no longer the Nic Bitches.

Looking back on life when i used tobacco, i hated it. I hated being a slave to something, i hated being an addict.

Now, I feel AMAZING! Every day i come to this site, i post roll with my Group June of 2014. I post with other groups as well. Its how we stay together and quit together. Its how we get away from the Nic Bitch. Im not a very religious person, but i thank god every day i found KTC. I couldn’t have done it without this site, and all of you. Thank you to EVERYONE, who has helped me, and been a apart of my quit. Lets continue our quit, All day every day, ODAAT!!!

It’s always down to you and the choices you make. Work on the things you can change and never dwell on the things you can’t. You choose… ‘results’ or ‘excuses’ it’s always down to YOU… no one has ever given their BEST and regretted it. GO HARD NO EXCUSES.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member slarowe5

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