2014 HOF Speeches

Kayakdude HOF Speech – Buy In 100%

kayakdude avatarI was sitting at the HS picking up my 16 yr old son up from baseball practice when I noticed one of his teammates had a tin tobacco can in his pocket. When my son got in the car, I asked him if Patty was dipping and he said that he was. I proceeded to tell him that Patty needs to stop dipping and gave him all the reasons why, to which my son simply responded “why…you do it.” At that moment, I realized my failure as a man and as a father and I decided to quit for myself and reclaim my life from this addiction.

So I quit. The first two days I was losing my mind. The 3rd day I bought nic gum and my quit was not so bad. Day 4, I found KTC and my real quit begin.

Zillah Cowboy set me on the right path. This was followed by pbrain04, SAM83, duathman, Slug.go, Wedge, Scowick65, shorthorn, srans, derk40, bigrob5257, Krusty, grizzlyhasclaws, pinched, rdad, SirDerek, brettlees, Extaggie, and 30isEnuff.

Instantly, I had a band of brothers who knew what I was going through and knew where I wanted to be and would give me the encouragement, the tough love and the guidance to get there.

I sit here 100 days free of nicotine and free of an addiction that controlled me for 30 years of my life. I reflect on how I got here. By the world’s standards, I am quite successful. I own my business, I have a wonderful family, I am an elder at my Church. All these thing and I couldn’t let go of this addiction.

Once I realized that I needed help and I left my pride at the door, I drank the KTC kool-aid and quickly learned the secret to quitting. Just follow the KTC path and it will lead you a lifetime of Quit.

Here is what I learned:

  1. Buy in 100 % because KTC is a system that if followed will be successful.
  2. Don’t think you are special or unique.
  3. Post roll call every day
  4. Read, Read and Read
  5. The first week is hell. Do whatever you have to do to get through it.
  6. Build relationships here
  7. Don’t be a spectator…spectators will cave
  8. Help others like you were helped…pay it forward

I am resolute in my quit. I do not plan on leaving KTC. KTC needs me and I need KTC.

Special thanks to my Mayhem group. We are some very banged up but entertaining group of guys. But we got each other’s back no matter what.
Special thanks to erussell who was my mentor and guided me to the HOF.

Special thanks to Tcope… One badass quitter who I had the chance to sit with and share a beer.

He validated KTC and gave it a face.

Thanks to everyone who helped me.

And while I might be an elder in my Church, if any of you guys cave I will find you and kick your f’ing ass.


HOF Date 5/22/14

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member kayakdude

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