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KTC Goes To Austin For The National Summit

Spit Tobacco SummitAs we announced previously, KillTheCan.org will be attending the 2011 National Spit Tobacco Summit held in Austin, Texas.  The event (which regardless of what the name suggests is actually AGAINST smokeless tobacco use) is May 10 through the 12th.  We’re happy to report that not only will we be in attendance, but we are a bronze sponsor for the event!  This promises to be an outstanding event that we are very excited to attend.  Some of the topics on the agenda are as follows:

  • Smokeless Tobacco Taxes: Where States Have Been and Where They are Going
  • Tracking the Epidemic: Surveillance of Spit Tobacco Use
  • Beyond the Brotherhood: Smokeless Marketing Strategies to Recruit New Users
  • Selling Camel Snus: A Review of the Dynamic Marketing Behind a New Smokeless Tobacco Product
  • Snus: The Fears and the Facts
  • Innovations in Smokeless Tobacco Cessation
  • And much more.

The full event program can be found here: www.smokelesstobaccosummit.com/program

We would LOVE to have our members either attend the event or join us for a quitter meet Austin style.  Event registration can be found here.  We’ll be staying at the Radisson Hotel & Suites Austin – Town Lake and even if you’re not going to attend the even we’d love to see you there!

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9 years ago

I just read the program summary for the “National Smokeless & Spit Tobacco Summit”, and I’m stunned. As a part of my job (in healthcare), I regularly attend healthcare-related conferences as an exhibitor, so I’m very accustomed to the format of these things…’breakout sessions’, continuing ed credits, statements of intent regarding each of the sessions, keynote speeches, etc. But in this particular case, I have special knowledge. I’ve lived in the belly of the beast. As a devout KTC zealot, I’ve guzzled the Kool-aide, and feel that I know how the whole thing works…I know what a successful quit looks like, and feels like. And I can’t help but feel that the folks putting this summit together don’t have a clue. Q: How many recovering addicts are speaking in the breakout sessions, telling it like it really is? A: none. The sessions seem to view the subject matter from 30,000 feet up. I hope you boys can breathe some life into this thing, and let ’em know what it really feels like to live the life of an addict, and how addicts can finally take the upper hand in this fight when we’re ready.

theo – one thousand and somethin.

10 years ago

Quit goes good with Stubbs BBQ – 8th st & Red River. BBQ is pretty good but the cold beer and live music is what makes it worth the trip. Short walk from the Radisson at Town Lake.

stubbsaustin dot com


Richard (Ricko)
Richard (Ricko)
10 years ago

I am going to be there for Tuesday the 11-12. Looking forward to this. big time for KTC

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