2015 HOF Speeches

Life – HOF Speech

gonzomedica avatarI am thankful for KTC and the brotherhood I have found here, you guys have kept me on the straight and narrow!

Although having 100 days I am not deluded into thinking I am cured not by any stretch!

One day at a time is my credo along with fuck you nic bitch!

I am not one for long winded speeches so I will close by saying again thank you very much and stay quit!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member gonzomedic

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  1. Just started day 2. Thought i was dying yesterday but am feeling better after only one day clean. I’m dumb and foggy today and hope it goes away soon. I’ve wanted to quit for five years but have consistantly failed, but I made a resolution with my little daughter that 2015 would be that year Mike stops the chew’n.

    Please help keep me stay on the straight and narrow. Don’t be shy.


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