Little Victories During COVID

I ran across this on the forums this morning and I just had to share. Yet another reason why being a quitter is awesome! This was written by forum member GS9502. Keep up the great work man!

KTC Small Victories

23 days ago I would have been stocking up to prepare for the COVID-19 quarantine, but it wouldn’t have been on food or water or toilet paper. I’d have bought myself three or four rolls of Grizzly Natural, just to be sure I didn’t run out. That was 23 days ago. Damn, I’m happy I quit.

Today’s June 2020 Quit Group QOTD made me do a little thinking: What am I prepared for? Pretty much whatever, I think. If I can quit something that had ahold of me for 28 years, I can handle a lot of hard shit. Granted, I’m only 22 days in, but that’s 22 damn days! Ha! Kiss my ass, nicotine, and kiss my ass, COVID-19.

Now, as long as Amazon doesn’t stop shipping my Grinds coffee pouches, I’m gonna be okay.

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