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Reviews of the various products and flavors from smokeless alternative manufacturer Grinds Coffee Pouches.

jimmykeeper says…

They are actually out of the Mocha flavor, so I was sent two cans of the Mint Chocolate with a letter explaining the outage. They will send both the original Mocha when re-stocked as well as a new Cinnamon flavor they are developing at a later date. So that is cool from a customer service standpoint.

Flavor wise, I’ll be honest. Kind of underwhelming. Maybe because I’m used to the strong mint pouches from SMC and Oregon Mint Snuff, but I wasn’t blown away with coffee flavor, or much of any flavor, really.

Still, for the caffeine kick and another can of fake to have in your quit arsenal, I’d say these are worth a shot if you are curious to try.

Sox2012 says…

After seeing Grinds on Shark Tank I was anxious to give them a try, and let me say I wasn’t upset. I was able to try a few different flavors including mocha, cinnamon roll and vanilla. While I am not a huge coffee drinker I did like the fact that the flavoring would overcome the actual coffee flavor. The pouches were the perfect size and I often times found myself forgetting that I had them in and would handle the duties of my job with them, including speaking to the public without anyone noticing. – Read full review


  1. Grinds seem to be a love-it-or-hate-it thing. Personally, I love ’em. The worst flavors I’ve tried are pretty good, and the best (seasonally available Pumpkin Spice) is nothing short of amazing. Most of them last a good while. When the flavor wears off, you taste black coffee. As my handle suggests, I don’t find that at all bad. They ship fast, and the lady who takes your phone calls is very helpful and friendly. I highly recommend Grinds to anyone who enjoys coffee and wants to stop dipping.

  2. I was skeptical when I saw these, but after using them, so far just the black coffee, I like them. They last longer as a normal dip would and the taste isn’t that bad. Will try the other flavors down the road.

    1. To each his own. Taste is a subjective thing for sure. They definitely all have a coffee base but to say they all taste the same isn’t remotely accurate… in my humble opinion.

  3. Gave Grinds a second try for the Wintergreen… NOPE! Not sure exactly what they are doing at Grinds, but there is no flavor at all… ALL just taste like coffee. I do like some descriptions of coffee wrapped in a paper towel. That nails it! Mouth instantly goes dry… no taste but coffee. What is really upsetting is I emailed them first, told them of my experience, and they wouldn’t send me one can. Gave me a 15% off code to get 3 cans and “guaranteed” me I would like it this time because the product was re-worked and packed with flavor. Guess I should of asked which flavor. Pouch wise… I’ll stick with TeaZa. Larger pouches that pack a lot of flavor. Wish they did a Wintergreen.

    1. Love this product! I have been a hardcore chew guy for over 40 years. (2 Cans a week). I have tried to quit countless times and never had success. Today, I am 2 weeks tobacco free nicotine free.
      I really like the taste of the black coffee flavour and like the way the pouches feel in my mouth. I will keep you updated. Cheers. Fish

  4. Andrew nailed it! Coffee grounds rolled up in a paper towel! You taste more paper flavor from the pouch than anything. Really disappointed. I tried three flavors, black coffee, mocha and vanilla. Same with all of them. I was really hoping this was the answer to my slavery to the tobacco masters!
    Guess I will try something else.

  5. Just found these locally at smoker friendly shops. Got the peppermint, cinnamon roll, and mint chocolate. None were super great yet, peppermint the best so far. I’ll try the caramel based one these reviews. I just ordered some teaza, so we’ll see how that is. Got a can of the smokey mountain wintergreen and absolutely hated it gets all over your mouth and fingers and tastes nasty to me. I’ll try and update as I try stuff for different opinions to help others.

  6. I am warning you that if you order Grinds, only order the Caramel flavor!!!! It is the only flavor worth trying. I ordered the variety pack which included all of the other flavors (peppermint, mocha, cinnamon roll, vanilla, mint chocolate, caramel). All of them except Caramel just taste like black coffee rolled up in a paper towel. Coming from a can a day dipper for 11 years, this stuff will not help you quit. Just ordered some SMC, hoping for better results.

  7. Got the sample pack. Vanilla tastes like a paper bag. The others taste like paper bag and mint. The caramel tastes good and has a lot of flavor so I wonder if the QA guy was sick when thwy were making the other flavors.

  8. I ordered the sample pack, 5 cans in all. I’ve sampled them all and they all smell great and taste great. But after about 5 or 10 minutes the flavor is gone and you pretty much are left sucking on a bag of coffee grounds. I’ve also sampled Teaza and that has alot more staying power than Grinds. I’ll spend my $$$$ on Teaza over Grinds.

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