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Moguls HOF – Straight and To the Point

Moguls HOF - Straight and To the PointHalloween 2013 I had enough of what this addiction was doing to me. I have failed at quitting several times. I have used gum, patches, cloves, my own grit, my kids being born, getting married, even cancer. Yes, I had a bout with cancer and even that couldn’t make me quit.

That night, it was actually the next morning, I found one thing that stopped me long enough to find KTC and cure me. That was Tequila. I had two unopened fresh cans left and I created a concoction of tequila and dip in my stomach. Each time I did I would puke harder and harder. I had to hate that shit and I still do. Then I found KTC, and I’m sure if I didn’t I would already be back to making love to that can. Bean was right, AppleJack was right, Doc2quit was right, Everyone who had come before me was right. One Day at a time, a determined quit, a man (woman) of your word, and post fucking roll. Thats it. Doesn’t mean it isn’t going to suck, but it works.

To all you hardheaded people like me out there. Please listen to those who came before you here at KTC. Get involved, Stay involved as long as you can. Really, this is serious stuff here and its not just saving lives, its about finances, relationships, family, and yes to win over an addiction that you can never kill but it will kill you. One of us has to go, and it damn sure aint going to be me.

I really appreciate everyone of you here at KTC.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member mogul

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