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My 100 Days – Not as Bad as I Thought

KTC Logo Black WhiteWell, here is my HOF. I tend to ramble so I’ll do my best to keep this as collected as possible.

It all started when I was married to my first wife and found out she was cheating on me, so I turned to the pouch (it doesn’t deserve to be named). Anyway, I went from there to the can, literally. Fast forward 10 years, my third wife and best. Added another beautiful baby girl to my ever increasingly wonderful life. But the nic bitch still lingered. My wife would nag me, that’s how I saw it at the time, to quit. though she would try, she wouldn’t succeed. I would just rebel take a bigger pinch and keep trucking, cause I was really showing her. I had my moments of sore cheek and gums so I tried switching brands to relieve the pain and eventually I did, but still, there was the nicotine staring me in the face.

Finally, on December 31, 2015, my grandmothers birthday ironically. My wife tagged me in an article on facebook about a guy who had to shave for the first time in 30 years i think, because of smokeless tobacco. For some reason, that article hit me like a ton of bricks. I’ve seen the pictures, the aftermath of the surgeries, even a friend of my wife that she grew up with pass from the addiction, no affect on me. But this article, I couldn’t shake it as it were. So, as I sat in my truck after work, I spit out the dip that I had in my mouth all day. I decided that today, 12-31-2015 at 5:20pm it was time to walk away. I went home and took the practically new can of dip and dumped it down the sink and tossed the can.

It wasn’t easy for the first few weeks so I was trying other options so I wouldn’t go back to the can. Now I’m free from the nic bitch, I still keep my guard up so as not to fall back into it. I keep the tobacco free can for the oral fixation and one day I will walk away from that. For now I’m taking baby steps. Thanks for your time, goin for 200 days nic free!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Hutsmatt 

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