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nybowhunter 21 HOF Speech

KTC Logo ChristmasI would consider myself a pretty “successful” person. I have accomplished many things during my lifetime. I played golf at a professional level. I was an all American lacrosse player. I own two businesses. I’m just that guy that pushes myself to be better than everyone at EVERYTHING I do. I love when somebody tells “you can’t do that”. Drives me to prove them wrong. I almost take it as an insult. I’ll find a way to do anything. Winning drives me.

I apologize for briefly bragging about myself, but it does pertain to quitting dip. Well there is one thing that owned me for 30 years. One thing that if someone told me “I can’t” they were right. One thing I lost at for 30 years. One thing I couldn’t accomplish no matter how bad I wanted to. One thing I didn’t have enough drive to make happen. Yes….. chewing …. the nic bitch. 30 years and I just could not quit.

Then KTC came along. For all the new people, or people on the fence deciding if this is for them. IT IS! It simply works. There are several reasons why KTC works, but there are 2 main ones that stick out to me.

1: This concept really blew me away yet it’s so simple. We quit for one day. ONE DAY AT A TIME! That’s it. Actually that’s what really lured me in here. Its that simple? 30 years and all I had to do is quit for one day? Hell I can do anything for one single day. Then the next day (not that I have ever looked beyond today), you do the same dam thing and repeat.

2: The accountability and brother/sisterhood formed is just remarkable. I can’t explain to you the importance of posting roll and your promise to KTC (especially your group) that you will under NO circumstances dip that particular day. As you form the bonds in your group that you will form, this will mean more to you. I give my word to my brothers (and sister) every day that I will not chew. I can not even entertain the thought of going back on that word. My quit is for me (and should be all about yourself too), but the feeling of letting your group down looms large.

I could go on and on, but the bottom line is KTC works. The bonds you build will last a lifetime. Jump in and read all you can read here. I suggest exchanging digits.

Special thanks to:
Skolvikings, morgan, critrocket – Thanks for all you do in the group. Amazing the time you have dedicated. Also, thanks for helping me through the quit and keeping me accountable with the texts daily. (Skol may be my clone)

Mike 2017 & drbottux – Our conductors have been awesome. Thank you for all the time you have dedicated to our group. You guys rock! Mike 2017 special thanks to you brother. You were the first one to reach out to me early in my quit and exchanged digits. You helped a lot in the early stages. I look forward to our daily text exchange. Thank you brother.

Dogonhunt – Another early on helper that talked me off the ledge a few times. Thank you sir.

Srains, Doofus, batdad – Thank you as well I look forward to our continued relationship.

There’s really too many to list. Love all my April brothers and sisters. You’ve all helped along the way. I’ll be around for a long time.

Go Syracuse Lacrosse.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member nybowhunter21

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