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Oral Surgeon Visit Today

Oral SurgeonOral surgeon visit today. My wife and I show up early fill out the papers and wait in the lobby. Then my name is called and we head back to the room. The nurse or assistant asks the normal questions. Then we wait for the doctor to come in. He then arrives we talk some more he does his exam. Then we talk about what is about to happen. He asks if I just want a local pain killer or that plus laughing gas.  He says the gas will cost 140 more if I want it. I said no we will go the cheap route. He say ok.

They ask my wife to leave the room. Not a good idea for them to do. But after a few nice polite words they talk her into waiting outside. I was kinda glad I did not really want her to see what going to happen. I know she was worried.

The doc lays me back and sticks the needle in the back of my mouth to hit  the main nerve to the right side of my tongue. Then stops to let it take effect. Then it happens. A full blown panic attack. A grown ass man panicking like a baby. They had to calm me down before they could begin. Some calm now he puts more shots in my tongue. Waits again.

Next comes the knife. He began to cut my tongue open. I knew it was bleeding bad because of all the suctioning that was going on. He keep saying your doing good. I just want to get it all. Its really deep in there. Not at all helping my panic. At this time my legs are trembling uncontrollably. My hands shaking and my body is quivering. Now its cut out a pea sized tumor looking thing. Placed in a container of clear fluid. Now the stitching begins. I cant feel it but I can feel the tugging and pulling to tie the stitches.

All done done now its a waiting game for a week to find out if it is cancer or not. All because I wanted to be cool and dip as a child. Now I am an addict and scared to death that I pulled the trigger to many times stuffing that shit in my lip. I am proud to be quit today. Thank you all for having my back and for all the prayers.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member cdaniels

Follow up from Chewie

I went back to look at cdaniels’ post history to see how this story turned out. The message above was posted on January 23rd, 2013. He posted this follow up on January 31st of that same year:

On Monday January the 28th 2013 at about 8am I got a phone call from my oral surgen. As soon as I herd his voice my stomach dropped to the floor. I was at work driving an ambulance and had to pull over to the side of the road. My hands started shaking in anticipation of his words. “Mr. Daniels I got your test results.” In a cracking voice…..O.K. ” The tests show that it was NOT cancer. You have a vascular anomaly.”……… One tear ran down my cheek. my partner looking at me as if… what the hell. I said thank you see you in the morning to get my stitches out. Deepest breath I have taken in a long time. High fived my partner with the good news. Called my wife who was still in bed and woke her up with the awesome news. Lots of crying and laughing. Then to the texting I went, all my quit brothers and sisters had to know it is possible to win this fight. I am very lucky. I am so Glad that so far I am cancer free. I know not everyone is as lucky and my heart goes out to them. I will forever be an advocate for cancer patients. I will remain QUIT for myself every day one day at a time. I will make myself available to any of you on here that need me and my support. Thank you all for being here for me. Texan I am sorry you had to go through all the pain you did. Very proud you are a survivor. Thank you.

Sounds like a great end to the story right? I continued to dig deeper into his posting history and saw that the last time he was on the site was August 7th, 2017. Below is that post:


Ladies and gentlemen… this shit is real. THIS, right here… is why we post daily. Proud to be quit with you today. Chewie

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