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I’m Really Dizzy (Foggy). How Long Will This Last?

DizzyYou’re a couple of days or weeks into your quit. You’re feeling good about your decision to quit but something’s just not quite right. You feel “dizzy” – maybe not quite dizzy, but like you’ve had a beer or two. You’re “off”. You don’t feel quite like yourself. You can’t concentrate. Reading is difficult and typing is near impossible.

Welcome to the fog ladies and gentlemen. I can’t tell you when, but I can tell you that it will pass. Some quitters deal with the fog for just a couple of days and for others it seems to drag on for a while. There seems to be nothing specific to do to get rid of the fog other than drink a ton of water to flush your system and wait it out.

For the first week of my quit, I literally don’t remember what I did during the day other than read the message boards. I was playing ping pong with a co-worker that week and almost fell over – I was having trouble tracking the ball. I couldn’t concentrate on work, I couldn’t think about my family. I was totally focused on my quit and how bad life SUCKED without my friend the Kodiak bear (insert your brand of choice here).

And then something happened – the fog lifted. I saw the light and I didn’t NEED my Kodiak anymore. There were certainly difficult days to follow, but I didn’t feel like crap anymore from not having my chew first thing in the morning. I was able to concentrate on work once again.

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3 years ago

Good post. The brain fog has been my worst symptom.

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