2017 Quitter Meets

Pennsylvania 2017 Meet – Day 1 Phoenixville

The 10th annual PA Quit Meet affectionately known as “The Decade of Destruction” was held August 25th through 27th Phoenixville and Limerick, Pennsylvania. Friday’s festivities in Phoenixville were hosted by forum member boelker62 and his lovely wife (and honorary quitter Erin) and Saturday’s events were hosted in Limerick by forum member theo3wood and his partner in crime Grace.  It marks the fourth time that over 100 YEARS of quit was represented at a single quit meet (42,812 days / 117.3 years). KillThecan.org forum members in attendance included:

Steakbomb18, Lance from SD, theo3wood, Chewie, CBird65, walterwhite, MonsterEMT, Big Brother Jack, carlh20, FranPro, rocketman, wastepanel, SirDerek, spit cup, ReWire, Stranger999, boelker62, Bronc, Jeffro Dolfie and JGlav.

The photos on this page were taken on Friday August 25th in and around Phoenixville.

Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added?  

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