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Pinched Gives Thanks Two Days Early

Pinched Gives Thanks Two Days Early - KTC Thanksgiving11/24/15 – Day 863

I am two days early but IDGAF…

What am I thankful for this year?

I am thankful to have received and been given forgiveness. Such an amazing gift.
I am thankful to have a brother, not met you yet but we talk daily (just learned of his existence and connected after 38 years not knowing one another). I never knew I was lost but glad to be found.

I am thankful to have three great kids: athletic, smart, beautiful, strong willed, and independent. May you never need but always want.

I am thankful to be quit and have the knowledge that my KTC brothers and sisters are always there and always willing to keep me quit. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I am thankful to have the ability to perform athletic feats I had not ever imagined. We do these things because they are hard not because they are easy.

I am thankful for my health to allow me to do and enjoy all of the above. Years of bad choices but lots of luck.

I am thankful for all of my life experiences both good and bad, because all of them made me the man I am today; and selfishly I kind of like that man. Legacy does not make a man experience does.

I am thankful to work at a career I love, therefore I never work a day in my life. Love what you do or do not do it any more.
I am thankful to have had three great men raise me together, I miss you all but relish your teachings. I choose not to follow in the exact same paths as you but I will blaze a new trail to compose all three.

I am thankful that I can give and help others in need. Money or physical contributions matter to all.

I am thankful for all my brother and sisters in the military. Continue to protect and guard with all honor and integrity and now we have your six.

As I have said before quitting tobacco was a huge step for me. What I did not know was how much it truly would shape other aspects of my life later. In the past 5 years I have lost my father, grandfather and because of their losses I have learned of a brother and connected with him. I also lost a sister due to greed. However, I choose two months ago to forgive her, though she has made her decisions to stay on her side of the fence. I have other siblings who stand with me, and some day she will learn of her mistakes as I cannot guide her to enlightenment.

I have also learned how to love, how to live and how to lead by example. I was always strong willed but was a big mangina that would not take a stand against tobacco or nicotine. Today I am quit and though I continue to add days quit like bricks building a defense wall, I also know that I am a stronger and more focused individual now. An amazing thing to have learned is humility and tolerance. I always had a short fuse in life and was ready to fight for any reason what so ever, now I roll with the punches and look to diffuse situations…yet I know some times you have to take the gloves off and fight.

This quit journey was filled with all kinds of change and turmoil but I believe that was all my fault and the cleanse became not only a physical change but a huge shift in mental health as well. Yes, I can still be an asshole; or an opinionated prick. So I guess some things will just never change.

I offer you all a Happy and healthy Thanksgiving and I urge you to remember and reflect on what you are thankful for.

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Pinched

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