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KillTheCan Quit QuotesThe combined knowledge of our membership at is our greatest asset. With SO many people standing together in our battle against tobacco we are much more likely to succeed. Here is a list of “quit quotes” I’ve collected through the years. Little quotes and sayings about quitting that are so brilliant, they needed to be captured.

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  • “Quitting is not a spectator sport. Participation is required.” ~ NOLAQ
  • “You don’t change unless it is more painful to stay the same.” ~ Deerman
  • “It is gonna suck until it doesn’t and then it won’t.” ~ derk40
  • “The best time to quit nicotine was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” ~ Heisenberg’s sig
  • “If your quit date is “tomorrow,” it always will be.” ~ Sporticus
  • You will NEVER regret Quitting. You will ALWAYS regret caving.” ~ NOLAQ
  • “Burn your boats, not your bridges.” ~ Tuco’s Grill
  • “Hey, snowflake, don’t take a seat in the life raft if you are not serious about saving your life.” – Scowick65
  • “The only thing nicotine does for you is relieves the symptoms of quitting. It fixes nothing.” ~ NOLAQ
  • “I keep posting roll because I am just afraid of not doing so. Simple. This works.” ~ Ginet
  • “Never forget you are an addict. Lots of us tried to quit when we were (young), we caved thinking we’d quit again the next day, except the next day turned into decades. Don’t make our mistakes.” ~ Dagranger
  • “Get to know that nicotine in any form is a “poison”. We wouldn’t knowingly ingest liquid Drano…would we? Learn to hate it and all the pimps that push it.” ~ 30isEnuff
  • “I know that you can’t quit a drug with that same drug.” ~ Gremlin
  • “Drown yourself in accountability.” ~ chrisTKE1982
  • “The end of each day without nicotine is my daily hall of fame.” ~ QuitinCA
  • “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.”~ Hugh Laurie
  • “Trying to quit and not using all that KTC has to offer is like jerking off with boxing gloves on. It MIGHT work but why make things more difficult than they have to be.” ~ Greenspidy (Nov 14 Stone Cold Quitters)
  • “When things are hard in life and the stress is piling on that is precisely the time to make KTC a priority. The support here can and will help. Make KTC an oasis of quit when everything else is a vortex of suck.” ~ D2maine
  • “So, I just ran a chainsaw for the first time in my life DIP FREE!!! Believe it or not, those things will run without the operator having a giant wad of Copenhagen stuffed is his lip. Who knew.” ~ mcsnapper1
  • “It’ll suck till it doesn’t. It’s the price you have to pay for poisoning yourself.” ~ KingNothing
  • “I decided against caving today. Just like I have everyday since I started posting here.” ~ Gmann
  • “A quit is both a decision and one single action. Quitting is a way of life. It is a series of decisions.” ~ Wastepanel
  • “Post your damn roll if it is the only thing you do here.” ~ IowaFFguy
  • “None of us are too quit to fail. None. Of. Us.” ~ Wastepanel
  • “Use the addictive personality for something good – get hooked on quitting.” ~ Dumone
  • “Whether nicotine dependency was established and/or maintained by being chewed, smoked, drank, snuffed, sprayed, swallowed, sucked, licked or patched, in the end there is only one way out – no nicotine today.” ~ Scowick65
  • “You’re playing a game of chicken with a dead plant in a plastic can. If you cave you lost to a dead plant.” ~ Candoit
  • “The quit never really ends, but neither does the satisfaction that comes with it.” ~ Howard
  • “The amount of work it takes to get to 100, 365, 730, 1000 is absurd. To piss it away on a cigar is offensive.” – J2b
  • “All things in moderation… except nicotine.” ~ FISHFLORIDA
  • “The only thing nic use does is relieve withdrawal symptoms that come from not using. That’s it.” ~ Theo3wood
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