The Quitter’s Mindset

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One thousand days ago, I woke up and made a decision to quit all forms of nicotine, and have done so every day since. That’s one thousand consecutive days of making a conscious choice: I am not going to going to use nicotine today. Pretty simple. Quitting wasn’t always an … Continue reading

Quit Quotes

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The combined knowledge of our membership at is our greatest asset. With SO many people standing together in our battle against tobacco we are much more likely to succeed. Here is a list of “quit quotes” I’ve collected through the years. Little quotes and sayings about quitting that are … Continue reading

What Do You Want From

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What, exactly, do you want out of KTC? What makes the prospect of KTC different than other approaches you might have tried on previous quit attempts? Is it the fact that it’s nic-free, unlike those worthless patches or nic mints you found yourself using to get by? Is it that … Continue reading