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I’ve done some maturing KTC style this week, and want to chime on being (SELFISH).

All those years of nic was just pure selfishness. The only beneficiary was myself, and unfortunately the tobacco companies that stole my money.

I read 2 posts this week that really sunk in.

I had to look at the spreadsheet (thanks pitt) to see what day I’m on. 125.

In the beginning I had difficulty coming to the site as I thought it reminded me of dip. I’m glad I stuck around to watch the whole movie.

Coming to the site daily, and making your promise not to use is YOUR medicine. The accountability is what drove me. I didn’t want to let any of my quit bro’s down. This was the first step to remove Selfishness from my life. For once I was thinking of others. As my quit matured I started watching quitters with (hope) fall to the side, this made me question the benefits of seeing this firsthand as well.

I too was looking for that HOF day 100 I’m better now crap. 100 came and went, but I already made my choice. I know I’ll never dip again, and I’ve accepted that fact. However I won’t accept being selfish.

The day # has been a thorn in my side. I made the choice to quit. No matter what day it is, but that was selfish thinking. The day# helps a vet to see where you’re at in your quit, so they can give the proper support. Now I realize there are truly different levels in this quit, and the support like your # changes as well.

I also thought about leaving like some of the others. But that would be selfish. The lady who helped me quit drinking was an alcoholic. If she didn’t stick around to help out I wouldn’t be here. The quit will mature and the things that bothered you before are now disappearing.

When they say it will get better, they’re really saying you will think differently. When I come to the site I don’t think about dip anymore. I think about my friends and their well being, and how I can help.

I truly appreciate all the vets for sticking around and continuing to pay it forward, and for saying the right things at the right time. My family thanks you!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan community member kana

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