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So Ya Don’t Say – The Only Way I Can Describe This

Brown71 avatarIt was 100 days ago, well to be exact, Tuesday July 5, 2016 at 1:00 pm Eastern standard time. I had spent 4th of July with the girlfriend (I never chewed directly in front of her, but she knew I chewed…a lot). Well, when you go 18+ hours without a dip, you are already in withdrawal. What did I do? Go buy another can a pack a monster lip. The difference this time, it was not enjoyable.

After lunch, it dawns on me. What if I just quit? How long do I have to do this before it improves? Then, for some reason, I said screw it. So I ran over to the gas station, grabbed water, sunflower seeds, and some gum (tips I saw on KTC). I sat down and packed my last lip. I set a timer for 30 minutes and took pictures (Since Deleted, so stupid).

That is how I began my quit. Glamorizing my last dip like it was a freaking funeral. I finally signed up for KTC on July 6th, day 2, because I was miserable and looking for help. Little did I know, behind the front of the site is a network of morons; yes we are all morons, like me. All of us, trying to and succeeding at quitting. What is the magic reason, why does KTC work, there has to be a magical formula. There were hundreds of people claiming that KTC was fool proof. Why? How? Fool proof? This habit is super hard to kick! HABIT, ha this is not a habit…it is an ADDICTION. Alright, I will post my stupid roll call, though at the time I saw little point. Well, after a little convincing, I have swapped numbers, I am active in KTC, and then all of a sudden…I was invested in my quit.

My quit has a life of its own now, and I did not even mean for that to happen. I just slowly bought in I guess. At times I fought the brotherhood feeling, heck at day 80, I thought about taking a break, but I knew I would let myself down and damn how would I tell people like my brothers and my girlfriend, who had to put up with the brunt of my quitting moods.

So ya don’t say it is possible? See my brothers, sisters, and I. We are quit because we have each other.

So ya don’t say it isn’t easy? Yes it is, post roll, make friends, and participate, I promise it works.

It is a habit, so ya don’t say? If it is a habit, why is it considered to be at or near the levels of addiction of Heroin and Crack Cocaine? If it is a habit, then you can stop and it will be okay, but I couldn’t stop and neither can you.

So ya don’t say, no time for KTC? If you have no time for KTC, what are you doing with the hours you are not chewing?

So what do ya say now, dump the can and join me?

The numbers of members I need to thank are far too great to put in this speech.

A most Sincere thanks,


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Brown71

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