2016 HOF Speeches

Spyder’s December 2016 HOF Speech

KTC Logo - RedThe glorious hall of fame. 100 days of no nicotine in my body. It went by pretty quick. I feel like it was yesterday that I was ninja dipping on the toilet to put another cat sh*t in my lip and by doing that avoiding my family. Nicotine is very powerful. It will literally control your life. As I hit 100 days I must reflect on how this all began, how did I get here? Why was I such a stupid 16 year old. My friends and I decided one day to try this stuff call Kodiak Wintergreen. Almost 20 years later and numerous quit attempts I was almost a can a day dipper of the cheap Grizzy. If I wasn’t chewing in those 20 years I was smoking something. I did quit for a while, but the nic b!tch creeps back in years later. All it takes folks is one cigar, one drunk it’s just one smoke, just one and you will be hooked back in no time. So what did I do differently this time? Well I knew in my soul and heart that first of all I wanted to quit. Not for anyone else but for my own health. The threat of cancer and sores in my mouth finally led me to choose to quit. I started chatting at KTC and I said to someone, sorry I don’t remember who exactly, that I was setting a future quit date. The guy I was chatting with said why don’t you dump that can in the trash and start right now, post day 1 RIGHT NOW. As I sat on the toilet at work with sh!t in my lip chatting about quitting I thought, son of a b!tch what the hell I am doing on a chat with dip in my lip sitting on the toilet avoiding everyone. I was ashamed of what my addiction became and so I mustered up the courage to dump that remaining pinch or two in the toilet and I flushed two sh!ts at the same time.

Was the 100 days easy? No. I must say for me the first 3 days sucked big time. Day 2 and 3 I could have ripped someone’s head off and disowned my family I was such a bastard. But the method here works, all you do is wake up, take a piss, get on the forum and promise to your quit brothers and sisters, but also a promise to yourself, to not do any form of nicotine for that calendar day. So then a few days goes by and it gets better. And better and better. 100 days hits you and I think wow, I don’t even care about dipping anymore. How did I let a chemical control me? Mind over matter people. When you decide to quit for yourself and put your mind to it nothing will stop you. Your family will benefit. No more spit bottles, ninja dipping, avoiding time with loved ones to be selfish, non of that. So if you are a new quitter or thinking about it I hope my speech helps you. Take control of your life one day at a time!

NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member Spyder

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