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Starr_78 HOF Speech – What’s Different This Time?

KTC It Gets BetterI have taken a few days to look back at my quit so far and just think, what has made this quit different from the many times I have “stopped”? I am proud to say there are many things that are different this time around.

First, my reason for quitting has changed. In the past I have always given up dip for someone else. I have done it for the girlfriends haha. I have been to the 150 day and on the verge of 500 days. Once I had broke up with that girlfriend, I ran back to the nic bitch for comfort. Really I started this time the exact same way, believe it or not. I began my quit for a girl and joined KTC. I started reading and now this quit is ALL about me. The girl is gone now, but I am not worried because I am quitting today!

Next thing that has changed about this quit is I have recognized that I am addicted to nicotine. I came in here with a cocky attitude thinking “oh I guess I’ll try quitting chew, and it will be easy because I have control of my habit”. What a cocky SOB I was thinking I had any control or say in how nicotine ran my life. I learned the ODAAT way of life due to some bad asses in the March 2014 group and everyone that had supported me. I appreciate the tough love and knowledge dropped on me that first week and everyday after that.

Lastly, the biggest change I have seen is my attitude on life. I have made changes to everything. I am changing my financial outlook, losing weight, giving up fast food, and working out 6 days a week. I feel that all of these items tie back to the can and nicotine.

It costs lots of money, you are already out at the convenient store so you just pick up a crappy hot dog and soda (I don’t even like pop, but I need a spitter), you drive past the gym with a dip in (because going in and spitting out your dip for 45 min is impossible, not to mention dip stuck in your teeth is embarrassing) and you gain a bunch of weight in the process.

I am very pumped up about my future, and I just want to thank KTC and it’s members for helping me take the first step.


NOTE: This piece written by KillTheCan.org forum member starr_78

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