Quitters at The Main Event in Alpharetta

The Main Event - Alpharetta

KillTheCan.org forum members Tonifer (Day 525), Lumberjack Tim (Day 1,060), Miles (Day 2,554), Jacobmldn (Day 249), Suthern_gntlman (Day 710), David S (Day 307) and Kylejw27 (Day 140) got together at The Main Event in Alpharetta, Georgia. 5,545 days of quit represented! Do you have a picture from a quitter meet … Continue reading

The Most Emotional Day of My Quit – The Comma

Lumberjack Tim Comma Celebration

Lumberjack Tim celebrating his new comma with some sushi and hibachi at Yume in Oxford, Alabama. I honestly can’t believe I’m writing this right now… Can’t help but get a little emotional even thinking about it… On this day, January 2nd, 2018, I am on Day 1,000 of being nicotine … Continue reading

INKcogKNEEdough and Lumberjack Tim in Florida

INKcogKNEEdough and Lumberjack Tim

KillTheCan.org forum members INKcogKNEEdough (January 2015) and Lumberjack Tim (July 2015) met for lunch at Grannies Country Cookin. Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added?   You can contact us, you can upload it directly to the site or post it to our Facebook page!

Lumberjack Tim, Roy & Suthern_gntlman – Los Mexicanos Restaurante

Lumberjack Tim, Roy & suthern_gntlman - Los Mexicanos Restaurante

KillTheCan.org forum members Lumberjack Tim, Roy & suthern_gntlman enjoyed a meal and showed off their quits at Los Mexicanos Restaurante in Oxford, Alabama. Do you have a picture from a quitter meet you’d like added?  Contact us, upload it or post it to the KillTheCan.org Facebook page.

2017 Savannah Meet – 6th Annual Oyster Kill

Savannah Meet 2017 1

The 6th annual Savannah Quit Meet was held from February 3rd through February 5th in Savannah, GA. It was hosted by forum member Scowick65 and his lovely wife.  Nearly 100 years (35,773 days / 98.01 years) were represented. KillThecan.org forum members in attendance included: Scowick65, Radman, CBird65, hydro, Big Brother Jack, Lumberjack Tim, baitbanjo, Steevo, suthern_gntlman, Souliman, kdip, UncleBubba, ReWire, Bear3454, Roy & braves360. THIS PAGE WILL … Continue reading